Tek Hub

Hunting’s TEK-HUB is on the hunt for innovative individuals and companies seeking commercial partnerships in a bid to bring oil and gas technologies to market.

Based in Aberdeen, Hunting’s TEK-HUB will be offering technology developers the opportunity to present their technology concepts in 15-minute pitch sessions to the TEK-HUB technology manager.

In order to open the opportunity up to other regions, the TEK-HUB will be visiting various cities over the coming year.

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Pitch sessions

If you have an innovative idea, concept or design but do not have the required network to further this technology, we would be delighted to discuss it with you. Regardless of location, get in touch and we can arrange a virtual pitch session.

Pitch your idea

The process

TEK-HUB acts to benefit innovative companies by exposing them to Hunting’s operational footprint and marketing experience. Each product entering the TEK-HUB passes through a four-stage process to evaluate each opportunity and maximise opportunities for each organisation.

1. Identify

Screen your technology to assess suitability for TEK-HUB partnership.

2. Evaluate

Verifying technical feasibility and the market potential of the product.

3. Develop

Detailed product planning for all elements of the technology.

4. Commercialise

Production run and product launch to customers

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